Saturday, 13 October 2012


              The world is full of parental control. Parents don't want their children to sit infront of the computer and enjoy playing games. Some big brothers or your friends get jealous about you playing games or coding an amazing application. If they cannot distract you away from the computer, they will go to the final option. Delete your precious game or coded application which you are one step away from completion.
                Good news for you, I have a found a software to move away from those woes. Diskdigger is the name of that superb software. With a mouseclick (actually a few) you can retrieve those precious data. Such a software comes at a prize.What I mean by that is the free version of that software has some limitations. You can only recover one file at a time. For each recovered file you need to wait about 5 seconds. It is easy to use.So why wait goahead and press the photo.

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