Friday, 2 November 2012


Irritation,irritation everywhere. Advertisements give a hefty share in this bad irritation. The software which I am going to tell you is gonna fix this worry for you. All of you must be a guy who has went to some goddamn website with adult advertisements. It will be really bad viewing in front of a guy with whom you have a respect to keep. This might be bad for your hard earned reputation. Something which you had earned in years will be lost in flicker. Don't we need to protect this. I would say, yes we should. Adblock plus is an addon for browsers. The use of the software could be easily guessed from its name. It blocks all of those annoying ads which could turn into a catastrophe.Just press the photo named ABP given in this post to lower the no:of visits to the doctor (especially the psychologist).

Saturday, 13 October 2012


              The world is full of parental control. Parents don't want their children to sit infront of the computer and enjoy playing games. Some big brothers or your friends get jealous about you playing games or coding an amazing application. If they cannot distract you away from the computer, they will go to the final option. Delete your precious game or coded application which you are one step away from completion.
                Good news for you, I have a found a software to move away from those woes. Diskdigger is the name of that superb software. With a mouseclick (actually a few) you can retrieve those precious data. Such a software comes at a prize.What I mean by that is the free version of that software has some limitations. You can only recover one file at a time. For each recovered file you need to wait about 5 seconds. It is easy to use.So why wait goahead and press the photo.

Saturday, 6 October 2012


           Everyone in this world (even a beggar) knows of Youtube, from the search giant Google. This is a superb website (cannot live without type actually) for both watching and uploading videos. We can also earn money from it. I will go to that topic in my coming articles. So my suggestion is that you should get yourself subscribed to my blog.
     Every male/female [or cavemen] would want to download youtube videos. They might be a fan of the song 'Gangnam Style'. I really agree that it took the world by storm. Thumbs up to Psy.
      Now going to my topic about downloading youtube videos,you all must want to download some video. I will teach you how to download a video from youtube or from some other sites.There are many different ways (thousands) to download videos. Some might want you to install some software or some may contain viruses,worse. I will only be mentioning a few,the best actually. They are free,totally scanned for viruses and it doesn't suck.


It is a website providing video download facilities from popular content providers such as youtube, I download most of videos using it. When you spot a video you should just copy its URL [If that doesn't work you should right-click on the video and press copy video URL] and paste it on the site and press download. You should have javascript enabled for this to work. After that you can see some links specifying the same video but with different characters [ 320p,720p,MP4 format e.t.c. ]. You just press the link corresponding to the video with the quality of your needs.


      It is an addon for both Internet Explorer and Mozillar Firefox. It can be easily used. After installing the addon you can see a ball with an e shaped sign [flipped] on the right end of your toolbar. You just need to play the video and a floppy disk will appear near the ball shaped icon of the addon. After that press the dropdown list and select the video. Only videos that are being played can be downloaded. The good news is that we can download all the videos that we are currently playing irrespective of the content provider.